The Gnomon Workshop – Professional Character Design for Film

The Gnomon Workshop – Professional Character Design for Film

File Name: The Gnomon Workshop – Professional Character Design for Film
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Designing characters and creatures for film and TV can involve many processes. Ehsan Bigloo, nominated as ‘Best Creature Designer’ for two consecutive years by the Concept Art Association, presents his tried-and-tested workflow when designing awe-inspiring creatures for the entertainment industry. Developing his own IP, this workshop details the making of Dîv, a demon character with supernatural strength and power that takes on a roughly human shape yet channels dark, supernatural powers.

Beginning right where Ehsan likes to start any new concept, the first chapters detail how he approaches finding the initial thumbnails, shapes, and forms of a new creature using pencils on paper. Sharing thoughtful insights into his strategies as well as how he handles client feedback in the industry, the first segment of Ehsan’s workshop will help change the way you consider concepting your next design from scratch.

After laying down his initial ideas using traditional media on paper, Ehsan takes his chosen concept design into the digital world, taking the initial sketch/concept into a 3D form using ZBrush to block out the model as he works through to the final render using KeyShot. All the while offering his industry tips, tricks, and insights, from his many years of experience working in the entertainment industry as a Concept Artist.

As a bonus chapter, Ehsan takes his final creature into the Unreal Engine to demonstrate, from a designer’s perspective, the creative possibilities available to you when you import a character into Unreal and set up some atmospheric lighting.

This workshop is designed for aspiring and professional Character/Creature Designers, Concept Artists, Digital Sculptors, IP developers, as well as anyone interested in visual character-based storytelling.


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