Textural Floral Pattern Design with Photoshop

Textural Floral Pattern Design with Photoshop

File Name: Textural Floral Pattern Design with Photoshop
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Updated and Published: July 11, 2022
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The Adobe Suite of graphic illustration programs is an indispensable tool for surface pattern designers to translate their vision into a striking design and a printable, repeating pattern. However, even with the power of Photoshop, creating a pattern often meant repetitive steps and careful calculations which could be time-consuming, and could cripple the creative impulse. In the past, the designer had to work on the foundational tile and the overall pattern, simultaneously paying close attention to both. Yeesh! Changes to colors and shapes in the foundational tile had to be precisely reciprocated to each assemblage in the full pattern. A late change once meant starting from scratch. But not any more!

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