Purchasing & Procurement Analyses for Management Consultants

Purchasing & Procurement Analyses for Management Consultants

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What you’ll learn: 

How to conduct fast and efficiently analyses in Excel devoted to Purchasing

How to find ways to cut costs in Purchasing & Procurement

How to identify potential ways to improve your liquidity, especially quick wins n Purchasing & Procurement

Analyze investments in Capex

Conduct Make-or-buy analysis


Basic or intermediate Excel

Basic or intermediate knowledge of finance & accounting


What is the aim of this course?

During Consulting Projects a lot of attention will be devoted to Purchasing & Procurement. Usually, this area generates big cost reductions and helps improve liquidity. Finding potential savings is not always easy and requires a well-organized approach to purchases done by companies. Luckily, there are a lot of techniques and frameworks that will help you in a structured way to look for savings and potential improvements in liquidity. In this course, I will teach you how to perform fast and efficiently different types of analyses in Purchasing & Procurement.

In the course you will learn the following things:

General information about Purchasing & Procurement.

Useful frameworks for analyzing Purchasing & Procurement.

How to find ways to cut costs in Purchasing & Procurement.

How to identify potential ways to improve your liquidity, especially quick wins.

How to estimate in Excel the potential impact of proposed changes.

This course is based on my 15 years of experience as a consultant in top consulting firms and as a Board Member responsible for strategy, performance improvement, and turnarounds in the biggest firms in Retail, FMCG, SMG, B2B, and services sectors that I worked for. I have carried out or supervised over 90 different performance improvement projects in different industries that generated in total 2 billion of additional EBITDA. On the basis of what you will find in this course, I have trained in person over 100 consultants, business analysts, and managers who now are Partners in PE and VC funds, Investment Directors and Business Analysts in PE and VC, Operational Directors, COO, CRO, CEO, Directors in Consulting Companies, Board Members, etc. On top of that my courses on Udemy were already taken by more than 130 000 students including people working in EY, McKinsey, Walmart, Booz Allen Hamilton, Adidas, Naspers, Alvarez & Marsal, PwC, Dell, Walgreens, Orange, and many others.

I teach through case studies, so you will have a lot of lectures showing examples of analyses, and tools that we use. To every lecture, you will find attached (in additional resources) the Excels as well as additional presentations, and materials shown in the lectures so as a part of this course you will also get a library of ready-made analyses that can, with certain modifications, be applied by you or your team in your work.

Why have I decided to create this course?

Performance improvement projects devoted to Purchasing & Procurement are fast-paced and require you a lot of hard work. You have to also master fast the basic information about a specific industry to provide the customer with relevant advice. Most firms, don’t give you the full toolbox that you need. This may lead to huge frustration during consulting projects devoted to performance improvement in purchasing, procurement, and a lot of inefficiencies.

Therefore, I have decided to create this course that will help students understand or refresh the main skills and tools that they need during consulting projects devoted to optimizing Purchasing & Procurement. The course will give you the knowledge and insight into real-life case studies that will make your life during a consulting project much easier. Thanks to this course, you will know what and how to do during consulting projects devoted to Purchasing & Procurement. You will master how to analyze data and draw conclusions from the analyses.

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