Painting Made Simple For Beginners

Painting Made Simple For Beginners

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I designed this course to help complete beginners who’d like to learn to paint a simple, easy to understand and straightforward way.

Everything is distilled down to the most essential elements of painting for a faster and easier learning experience.

I strongly believe that no talent is necessary to paint beautiful paintings. Painting is a skill that can be learned if you have the right tools, the right teacher and you are willing to put in practice what you learn.

I’ve taught countless online and in-person courses over a decade, and this experience helped me to understand what guidance beginner painting students need to achieve success in painting.

This simple beginners painting course contains all of the core elements, from color mixing, design, sketching, value shades and specific steps of painting from start to finish.

The class is divided into larger main units for each of the core painting material, and than further divided into smaller painting segments that will help you to schedule your learning and the time that you would like to dedicate to practice each element of beginner painting.

There are also practice suggestions, which is an essential part of learning to paint. The more time you can dedicate to practice what you learn the better you will get at painting.

Doesn’t matter what medium you will choose, whether acrylics painting, oil painting, or tempera is your favorite, this beginner course will give you all the foundations you need to start painting in a realistic way. The course is demonstrated with oil paints.

Painting Made Simple For Beginners

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