Mobile App Marketing 2022 ASO, Advertising & Monetization

Mobile App Marketing 2022 ASO, Advertising & Monetization

File Name: Mobile App Marketing 2022 ASO, Advertising & Monetization
Content Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-create-grow-a-mobile-app-iphone-android-business/
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Updated and Published: July 11, 2022
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Create a great mobile app business! Get 1,000,000+ downloads with app store optimization ASO (SEO) & strong monetization

Use the most effective app promotion and monetization strategies to grow your app and make it as profitable as possible. 


  • Three great launch strategies for your app
  • Full student case study of ASO and keyword research strategy
  • How to compete for competitive app store search terms
  • Improved audio/video quality for 90% of the course


 I am an independent mobile app entrepreneur just like you, and I created this course to help you: 

  • Get 1,000,000+ downloads from mobile app store marketing
  • Save money by doing your own ASO (search engine optimization SEO for Android and the Apple App store) better than most consultants you might consider hiring
  • Create an app marketing strategy outside the app stores by getting press coverage and learning how to promote an app using social media and social sharing
  • Make money with effective app store monetization techniques to help you maximize your app revenue with subscriptions, in-app purchases, publishing effective ads, selling affiliate products and other common monetization strategies used by successful mobile app businesses
  • Help you create a successful mobile app business

Learn the strategies I used to get 1,000,000+ downloads for my apps, make money from them, and create a successful mobile app business. 


The course shows you how to make a real business out of your app. This is what sets this course apart from all other courses. I realize that you may be excited about your app idea, and rush to have it built as soon as possible. But as an app entrepreneur, you need to understand what it takes to make your app a real business that makes money. 

This course teaches you about app business models, high-level business strategies and app business planning. This is what makes this course special! This course will make you a strong business person, and a stronger app entrepreneur. 


My apps have 2,000,000+ cumulative downloads that I got for free in a 99% passive way and my income from apps is 99% passive as well. My book on mobile app business has been the #1 book on this topic on Amazon for the last few years, and it is used by a few universities and high schools across the country.

My app ranked #1 for the search “business” on Android for over a few years, and many of my apps dominate their search rankings in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

In this app promotion course, I teach you the insights and secrets I learned while growing my own mobile app business. Everything I teach in this course is something I have done and tried myself. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide, creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.

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