Learn Cybersecurity Python Programming In One Day

Learn Cybersecurity Python Programming In One Day

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Updated and Published: February 27, 2023
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Learn how to write python code to enable, grow and mature cyber security capabilities in different cybersecurity fields

The Learn Cyber Security Python Programming in One Day course takes you from little or no knowledge and shows you how to write your own cyber security software with practical demonstrations.  You will learn the basics of python programming in practical way using minimal lectures and focusing on step by step demonstrations.  There are very few courses like this that get straight into the practicalities of cyber security and python software development.  With this capability, you will be able to provide developer and scripting services to your company or clients and help secure your organisation.  You will learn to develop python code applicable to penetration testing, incident response, digital forensics, security engineering, cyber threat intelligence and malware analysis.

This is a fast-growing area, specialist developers with skills in security are in high demand and using the skills here will enable your career, giving you cyber security experience in Python software development and cyber security.  If you are a beginner, this course is for you as it will give you the foundations in a practical way, not theoretical.  If you are an experienced practitioner you are now becoming aware of writing python scripts in the field of cyber security, this course is absolutely essential for you. 

Some of the key areas you will learn are:

  • Cyber security skills
  • Using Python to build cyber security software
  • Practical cyber security scenarios
  • Increase knowledge and skills around software development, python and cybersecurity

This course will give you the grounding you need to help you learn, retain and replicate the cybersecurity skills necessary to build and improve your python programming.  The lectures are to the point and concise because your time, like many practitioners, is precious.  All demos can be followed using your own free software and replayed time and again as your one-stop security reference. 

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