James Popsys – Daily Collection Presets

James Popsys - Daily Collection Presets

File Name: James Popsys – Daily Collection Presets
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Updated and Published: May 02, 2023
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I have two preset collections currently. This collection features 10 presets have I used on a daily basis across many camera models and brands to achieve the look I get in my images. If you’re interested in achieving a similar look, these are the presets for you. If you’re looking to experiment with a wider range of styles, check out my experimental collection.

A word on presets if you’ve not bought any before: A lot of people think they’re a magic wand that make photos look great. They’re not. They’re clothes for photos* and sometimes they fit, are the right colour and suit you, other times they make you look ridiculous.

So when you’re using presets do so as a starting point, to get a flavour of where you’d like to take your edit.

To get the most out of these presets, use them on RAW files (for jpegs you’ll need to take the sharpness way down) and more often than not you’ll need to ensure your exposure and white balance are as you want them before applying these presets to make them look good.

To install these in Lightroom Classic, hit the ‘+’ at the top of the Presets tab, and select the zip file. Alternative methods here. Please note you’ll require an Adobe Lightroom subscription using either Lightroom Classic CC (v7.5+) or Lightroom CC (v1.3+) for these to work. If you’re using an older version of Lightroom unfortunately these won’t cut the mustard.

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