How To Create Ambient Relaxing Music – Course For Beginners

How To Create Ambient Relaxing Music - Course For Beginners

File Name: How To Create Ambient Relaxing Music – Course For Beginners
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Updated and Published: March 05, 2023
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The total duration of the course is 1 hour 12 minutes. For convenience, it is divided into 11 short video tutorials.Video titles:1. Install Abletone Live 11.2. Install Spitfire LABS.3. Installation of U-he Zebralette.4. Installation of Valhalla Supermassive.5. Installation of the Sonatina flute.6. How to add presets to VSTi.7. How to add a folder to the sidebar.8. Recreational SEA project.9. Recreation project NIGHT.10. Recreation center BIRD. Project.11. Your first attempt at creating your own track.- All you have to do is follow four simple steps.1 DAW installation (Ableton 11).2 installation of VSTi and libraries.3 Add my presets.4 Watch my video tutorials.- The course includes1 Free Vst plugins and .2 Video tutorials and links to videos.3 3 music tracks with project files.4 All midi files.5 main project presets + bonus presets.6 unique nature background sounds (ocean, garden birds, stream, fire, rain, winter wind, crickets).1. You will get the minimum necessary to create simple and beautiful tracks.2. You will take the first simple step in creating music to gain invaluable experience with virtual instruments and plug-ins.3. You will understand and see the track structure, intro, drop, breakdown, outro, chords, melody, and arpeggio.4. You will learn which musical virtual instruments and effects are used to create relaxing music. synthesizer, piano.5. You will learn how to install VST tools and VST plugins.6. You will learn how to install presets and libraries.Does not require knowledge of musical theory. You don’t need a powerful PC or laptop. You don’t need a powerful video card. All you need is 8 GB of free disk space and 8 – 16 GB of RAM.The course is designed for both bners and experienced DAW users who want to master the genre of relaxing music. The course is universal and not tied to a specific DAW. Easily opens in any sequencer. ABBTON 11, FL STUDIO, REAPER, etc…

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