GUI ROSSI – Essentials Presets Pack

GUI ROSSI - Essentials Presets Pack

File Name: GUI ROSSI – Essentials Presets Pack
Content Source: https://guiirossi.com/loja/essentials-presets-pack-LET2961
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File Size : 4MB
Publisher: guiirossi
Updated and Published: May 02, 2023
Product Details

12 Presets that bring a wide variety of tones, from colors that match nature to more urban colors. 12 Presets that deliver a great variety of tones, with colors that fit nature and urban places. Presets come ready to use in LIGHTROOM CC CLASSIC AND PHOTOSHOP (.xmp and .lrtemplate format) and LIGHTROOM MOBILE (.dng format). It also comes with a text file with installation guidelines. (The integrity of the programs and their functionality is the responsibility of the purchaser). The presets are delivered for Lightroom CC Classic and Photoshop, in .xmp, .lrtemplate and .dng formats.

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