Fxphd – 3de202: 3dequalizer Tricks of The Trade

Fxphd – 3de202: 3dequalizer Tricks of The Trade

File Name: Fxphd – 3de202: 3dequalizer Tricks of The Trade
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Updated and Published: February 27, 2023
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In the studio, completing tracks quickly and efficiently is a vital part of the wider process and makes you stand out as an indispensable artist! Often other artists say: ‘Wow! how did you do that so quickly!?’ or ‘How did you manage to track this? I thought that shot was impossible!.’

This course, taught by Philip Maddock, will show you amazing tips and tricks to power through your shots when the deadline is looming. We will look at techniques such as using straightforward python to help out when there is little to track, along with ‘tricking’ the software into giving us great results when conventional approaches fail and constraining our results to the correct movement types.

Philip Maddock is an established 3DE trainer who is once again delivering an in­-depth course, demonstrating invaluable techniques in this industry leading software. During his career, Philip has worked in mainly films and commercials, along with training artists around the world. Philip is currently working as a 3D artist at The Mill London and in this course is looking to build on your skills as a tracking artist.

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FXPHD_3DE202_3DEqualizer_Tricks_of_the_Trade.part1.rar – 1024.0 MB
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FXPHD_3DE202_3DEqualizer_Tricks_of_the_Trade.part5.rar – 1024.0 MB
FXPHD_3DE202_3DEqualizer_Tricks_of_the_Trade.part6.rar – 1024.0 MB
FXPHD_3DE202_3DEqualizer_Tricks_of_the_Trade.part7.rar – 290.3 MB



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