Complete Houdini Fx 19 Bootcamp

Complete Houdini Fx 19 Bootcamp

File Name: Complete Houdini Fx 19 Bootcamp
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Updated and Published: July 11, 2022
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Beginners guide to Houdini FX 19 : The most powerful 3D application in the world. No prior knowledge required.

New section: Big scale explosion in Houdini 19

Barrel Explosion in Houdini 19: lectures number (68,69,70,71)

Introduction to explosions in Houdini 19

New lectures: 57,58,59

New lectures: 21,22,23,53,54,55,56

New section: Flip fluids

New section (Introduction to Pyro in Houdini 19)

Introduction section’s outdated lectures are updated with new lectures and now is applicable in Houdini 19.


This is the best selling Visual Effects Course.

  • You will not find like this course anywhere.
  • No presentations, No time wasting, It’s all about doing and creating.
  • This Course is Projects based Course, so you will learn Houdini by creating effects!.
  • This course is continually updated.

Why you want to learn Houdini FX?

Houdini FX is a visual effects and 3D animation software like Maya or Blender, but what makes Houdini different and unique is the procedural system and has very powerful dynamic system that other softwares don’t have. You will be surprised about that.

Houdini is the number 1 3D application that used in vfx, 3D animation studios and Game studios, Houdini can create high quality effects like water, explosions, fire and sand….

Houdini now is used by Big Game studios, they save 100X of the time by creating tools that are used in their Game Engine or in unreal engine or unity.

Knowing Houdini gives you very big advantage in the Game industry and in VFX companies.

If you are Game developer you must know at least a little bit how Houdini works, this gives you very big advantage in Game studios. In my course I will just teach you how to use Houdini, not teaching you how to use it for games. After you watch my course then you will be able to learn how to use it for games and in game engines like unreal engine or unity. i,e: I will not teach you how to use it for games, I just will teach you Houdini.

This course is very special, I will teach you how to use Houdini software to create interesting effects.
I will make it fun to learn and I will simplify every thing for you.

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Complete_Houdini_FX_19_Bootcamp.part1.rar – 3.0 GB
Complete_Houdini_FX_19_Bootcamp.part2.rar – 3.0 GB
Complete_Houdini_FX_19_Bootcamp.part3.rar – 1.9 GB



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