Do you want make something like this in 1 click? Sorry, but this is impossible. But Cluster will help you save a lot of your time while you work on something like this.
Cluster can ONLY connect different dots or elements. But he can make it better than all and in a beautiful way. You will have customisable lines with a lot of settings.

In the script included 3 basic connections: linear, parent and recursion. You can create a more complex patterns with them.
Also here is included a 3 different type of lines: dash line, fill line and curve line.

  • PAY ONLY ONCE: You need to purchase the Cluster script only once. Next updates will be for free.
  • FREE TUTORIALS: Overviews and tutorials for working with the script. The recommended workflow and a lot more different things about Cluster.
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Cluster works with any version of the After Effects cs5 and up. Runs on Mac or PC operating system.
  • WORKING ON OTHER VERSIONS OF AE: You can easily transfer project to other version of the After Effects and keep working on the project without installed Cluster.



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