Autocad Beginners Course 2023

Autocad Beginners Course 2023

File Name: Autocad Beginners Course 2023
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Updated and Published: February 07, 2023
Product Details

The following tutorial is a series of AutoCAD video- lessons addressed to beginners who aim to become AutoCAD literate. Created by professional instructors (Autodesk Certified Instructors), using the latest version of AutoCAD, which currently is AutoCAD 2023, this tutorial’s purpose is to teach you all the essential tools you will need to create any 2D drawing you wish, in the most quick and practical way. The lessons are structured in a way that will show you all the different aspects of the software, the tools, and the methodologies in order to work efficiently on your projects.

What is this course ?

The course is designed for a beginner as well as seasoned users.

A beginner can start learning the software right from scratch by following the course along just from lecture one. A seasoned AutoCAD user will also find this course very comprehensive and they can choose the topics they want to learn about skipping the basics.

Instructor support for questions

I understand that students will have questions related to the course and its necessary also for a healthy learning process hence I encourage students to ask their questions related to the course in the Q&A section of the course. I answer each and every question as soon as possible and so far I have answered every single course-related questions from students on Udemy Q&A section.


You need to have access to AutoCAD software (student, trial or commercial version) for this course. This course can be used with AutoCAD LT as well.

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