Android and iPhone Software Repair with a Live Demo

Android and iPhone Software Repair with a Live Demo

File Name: Android and iPhone Software Repair with a Live Demo
Content Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/android-and-iphone-software-repair-with-a-live-demo/
Genre / Category: Other Tutorials
File Size : 9GB
Publisher: udemy
Updated and Published: February 27, 2023
Product Details
  • What Student will learn
  • How to read phone information.
  • Prepare your PC and phones for flashing.
  • Download phone drivers.
  • Learn how to install iTunes for iPhone, iPod and iPad flashing.
  • How to maintain computer used in flashing phone.
  • How to use Windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10 in flashing phones.
  • How to backup Android ROM Dump rom firmware.
  • How to backup clone/china phones,
  • How to backup pac file for SPD android and Backup Dump ROM Scatter android file for MTK.
  • How to flash an MTK CPU chip Android phones.
  • How to flash DA or without DA file.
  • How to flash with or without preloader.
  • How to flash an SPD CPU chip android phone.
  • How to use CM2 in SPD Flashing.
  • How to use ResearchDownload, UpgradeDownload and Factory Download Tools.
  • Repair SPD blank screen after flashing.
  • How to flash Android Clone or Chinese phones know as refurbished.
  • How to flash with CM2 Infinity Dongle, NCK software, and Miracle Box.
  • How to flash and recover Dead Tecno F1 F1 Pro and F2.
  • Check the phone for liquid damage.
  • How to restored bricked Tecno F1.
  • Flash with correct DA and Universal Firmware.
  • How to fix Android phone that hangs when correct password is entered.
  • How to flash and fix this particular issue without computer.
  • How to encrypt phone with wrong password
  • How to remove malware from phone without flashing.
  • How to Recover and Update iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • How to put different types of iPhone in DFU mode.
  • How to put iPhone in download mode.
  • How to download iOS with iTunes.
  • How to extract and flash iPhone with many software.
  • Students will know how we breakdown the process of fixing iPhone is disabled.
  • The best way to download iOS without knowing the iPhones modem.
  • Flashing iPhone with live demo.
  • How to install Samsung android driver.
  • How to download the correct firmware for a particular Samsung phone.
  • How to install kies drivers used in Samsung flashing.
  • And we wrap it up with flashing Samsung with Multiloader.
  • How to Bypass FRP on Chinese Android Tablets Phone.
  • How to connect locked android phone to WIFI or hotspot
  • How to use a phone native browser when locked.
  • How to use Google Account Manager for FRP.
  • How to Bypass FRP on android phone that the CPU and version is unknown.
  • How to use Online Chimera Tool to flash phones.
  • How to use Chimera Tool for free.
  • How to configure and install Chimera Tool
  • How to install many useful phone drivers with Chimera Tool.
  • How to download phone files with Chimera Tool.
  • How to solve other Software issues in android phones.
  • How to fix dm verify error on android phone.
  • How to repair Unfortunately android has stopped on android phone without flashing.
  • How to repair Not Enough Memory on android phone. Etc.
  • How to flash phone from different locations and sharing of files.
  • How to use USB redirector,
  • How to configure VPN Teamviewer,
  • How to transfer firmware from one pc to another without physical contact.
  • How to repair and restore IMEI.
  • Learn how to fix imei null, how to fix imei invalid.
  • Learn how to use MtkEngineering, how to use CM2 to repair imei.
  • How to repair imei with other software.
  • Repair imei with Miracle box.
  • Students will be certified on Phone Software Repairs.
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DOWNLOAD LINK: Android and iPhone Software Repair with a Live Demo

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