Aescripts StrokeStyler v1.0 (Win/Mac)

Aescripts StrokeStyler v1.0 (Win/Mac)

File Name: Aescripts StrokeStyler v1.0 (Win/Mac)
Content Source: https://aescripts.com/strokestyler/
Genre / Category:
File Size : 4MB
Publisher: aescripts
Updated and Published: April 28, 2023
Product Details

  Twirling down endless groups in your shape layers to find and set a stroke’s dashes, taper or wave settings takes forever. StrokeStyler instantly fetches these settings for you, allowing you to easily edit them directly in the panel.  StrokeStyler also brings the much-loved ‘Align Dashes to Corners’ functionality to After Effects.

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DOWNLOAD LINK: Aescripts StrokeStyler v1.0 (Win/Mac)



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