Aescripts Projection 3D v4.02 (Win/Mac)

Aescripts Projection 3D v4.02 (Win/Mac)

File Name: Aescripts Projection 3D v4.02 (Win/Mac)
Content Source: https://aescripts.com/projection-3d/
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File Size : 81MB
Publisher: aescripts
Updated and Published: April 28, 2023
Product Details

Advanced tool for camera projection mapping and photo parallax animation in After Effects

Projection 3D V4 WHAT’S NEW
1. New Structure.
2. Export View to fSpy.
3. Updated Export Camera to Cinema 4D & Maya.
4. Resize/Fill Polygon.
5. Ungroup Objects.
6. Replace Polygon with Texture.
7. Copy Mask(Perspective).
8. Updated Insert Camera.
9. Stabilize 3D Matchmove.
10. One-node Camera.
11. Create Camera Target.
12. Projection Resolution.
13. New Primitives.
14. Edit Projection Images Directly in After Effects.
15. Open Projection Images in Photoshop.

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DOWNLOAD LINK: Aescripts Projection 3D v4.02 (Win/Mac)



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