Have you ever wanted to render with any of the many codecs ffmpeg offers?
Have you searched trough the whole internet after a way to render ProRes directly from After Effects on a Windows System?
Then this is the tool you have been wishing for!
You no longer need to put your time into learning and trying out different commandlines or after your render is done, load the videos into a second software to ones again set everything up and render again. Just launch it, select your output path, press render and you’re done!

FFmpeg contains more than 100 codecs and is used in the majority of media networks like Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook to convert your uploaded videos, images and audio.

  • Render with ffmpeg – Just pick your output path and settings and press render. It’s that simple!
  • Works on both Windows and Mac – True cross-platform experience!
  • Save time! – You no longer need to fiddle around with commandlines or external softwares to get the files you want! Do it all quick and easy from one place!
  • Use it to create proxys – Go to the advanced settings to select different output path for ffmpeg and check to save the original file to create proxys.
  • Settings to shut down computer when done – Well, save power and save the planet!
  • Convert already existing videos and image sequences – Just select videofiles from your project panel and add them!
  • Create your own ffmpeg-presets – If you know ffmpeg from before you can easily create your own templates to use within the script. You can also share and import already created presets.
  • Detailed help page – Feeling lost? Just press the “?” button and you’ll get the detailed help page with all information you might want to know!



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